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Our partners

Mas Experience is proud to work with partners AGA Apprenticeships Plus, CEG, GForce Employment Solutions and MRAEL to help you achieve the right career for you.

Together, we’re better 

Mas Experience is proud to partner with organisations across Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania to deliver first-rate support services to apprentices, trainees and employers. 

As an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider, our expert advice and personalised solutions give you the support and skills you need to succeed.

We are here for you throughout your journey as a trusted partner. Striking a unique balance between community and corporate, we facilitate smooth and hassle-free apprenticeship, traineeship and business development services across Australia. 

We specialise in employment, training, recruitment and assistance to suit your needs.

AGA Apprenticeships Plus Logo

AGA Apprenticeships Plus

AGA Apprenticeships Plus one of Australia’s leading providers of training and employment services for apprentices, trainees and business staff. With more than 30 years of experience, AGA partners with Mas to provide AASN services in Victoria.

CEG Logo

Career Employment Group (CEG) 

CEG delivers recruitment, training and employment solutions to South Australian communities. As an approved Group Training Organisation, it facilitates a range of training and courses for employees and businesses (e.g. hospitality short courses).

Gforce Employment Solutions

Gforce was established in 1983 as a community-based Group Training Organisation to provide opportunities in the Geelong region. Today, Gforce focuses on full-time and school-based apprentices and trainees as well as temporary labour hire staff.



MRAEL is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) that has employed and managed over 13,000 apprentices and trainees. It is a Queensland Apprenticeship Network Provider and a senior vocational college with over 30 years’ experience.