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Industry opportunities in Defence

With the Australian Government investing a historic $200 billion to modernise the Australian Defence Forces, the Defence Industry will see serious growth and development over the coming years.

What to expect from a career in this industry

What’s great for job seekers is that you don’t have to be enlisted in the Armed Forces to benefit from the new employment opportunities created as a result of this government commitment.

Careers in defence are often reliable yet adventurous; professionals in this field (often called  ‘the workforce behind the defence force’) play a crucial role in planning and delivering strategies behind the scenes. 

Career outcomes for those with knowledge and experience in the defence industry vary. However, some in-demand trades include; Architectural Draftsperson, ICT Security Specialist, Mechanic, Carpenter and Joiner, Electrician, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – to name a few.

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Very consistent, stable employment
  • Great opportunities for adventure
  • Options to upskill through ranks 
  • Work that’s at the forefront of technology

There are many pathways to becoming skilled in this diverse sector. For example, you could look into a Mechanic, Electrician, Carpenter or Joiner Apprenticeship. These qualifications open up the door to further education for future career growth if desired.

Defence Industry Apprenticeships 

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