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Education and Training

Opportunities in the Education and Training Industry

With a world-class reputation, the Education and Training Industry in Australia attracts students from all over the globe and is worth $20 billion.

What to expect from a career in this industry

The Education and Training Industry helps to shape people’s futures, and provides a stable employment environment. As you have the opportunity to mentor and teach people valuable skills it’s a profession that people can find immensely rewarding. 

The high standard of teaching that Australia is renowned for is also appealing to employers overseas, and opens many doors if you’re interested in pursuing opportunities internationally. 

Career outcomes in the Education and Training Industry can range from Childcare Worker or Education Assistant to teaching jobs in Primary, and Secondary Schools, as well as placements in academia or professional roles within tertiary institutions. You could become a university staff member, a TAFE Instructor, or work in an administrative and support capacity. 

There will be a high demand for skilled workers in this industry in the coming years. The tertiary and vocational sectors are set to experience the most growth – with student enrolments rising at 3.8% annually to 2025. This is a rise in enrolments from 650,000 to 940,000 by 2025, with higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) accounting for 72% of all enrollments.  

Completing an Apprenticeship can open pathways to further education required for teaching roles at Schools or Universities.

Alternatively there are vocational pathways which can lead directly to employment, for example completing a Childcare Apprenticeship alongside a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. 

You can also secure TAFE or vocational training roles with a relevant trade, certification and practical experience in the field. For example, a Certified Master Builder could upskill in education to teach carpentry, and an experienced, well-regarded chef could go on to teach cookery.

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Great job security even during an economic downturn
  • More flexible work hours and longer holidays
  • Higher superannuation rates and desirable salary packaging options
  • Opportunity to mentor the next generation of professionals and shape the future

The pathways to becoming skilled in this sector include becoming a Counsellor, Teacher’s Aid, or Childcarer or undertaking a relevant trade qualification with industry experience. You can combine Apprenticeships with vocational studies, such as with a Diploma of Vocational Education.

Education and Training Apprenticeships

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