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Financial and Insurance Services

Industry opportunities in Financial and Insurance Services

With a median salary of $1,434 per week, the Financial and Insurance services industry has grown by 7.9 percent since 2013 and is predicted to grow by another 3.2 percent up to 2023.

What to expect from a career in this industry

The Financial and Insurance Services Industry can provide you with a dynamic career that offers a high ceiling when it comes to professional growth and income. 

Career outcomes in the Financial and Insurance Services Industry can range from Accountants, Bank Workers, Data Analysts, Financial Brokers, Financial Planners, Management Analysts, Personal Assistants, Information Officers and more. There is also a growing demand for workers skilled in accountancy practices and this qualification provides an excellent knowledge base to grow your career in other areas of finance and insurance.

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Well-paid job opportunities
  • Great room for career growth
  • Opportunity to work anywhere in the world
  • Established employers offering great benefits e.g. parental leave, insurance and bank fee discounts

There are many pathways to becoming skilled in this industry. For example, you could complete a Finance and Sales Apprenticeship. Furthermore, Apprenticeships in insurance may also include equipping trainees with technical knowledge and communication skills over a 24-month period, with the potential to become an Actuary or Underwriter if undertaken alongside additional qualifications. 

If you wanted to work in the areas of tax auditing, financial planning, or accountancy then studying an Advanced Diploma of Accounting is a good option. This generally takes one year to complete.

Financial and Insurance Services Apprenticeships

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