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Industry opportunities in Mining

Mining is a $102 billion industry in Australia. Today, roles have transformed from traditional labouring to the expert use of cutting-edge equipment.

What to expect from a career in this industry

Advancements in technology and machinery have made a huge impact on opportunities in this space. There is strong demand for a new kind of workforce – one that can keep pace with technological innovation and influence outcomes with economic, social and environmental pressures in mind. 

Careers in the Mining Industry span the fields of engineering, construction and building. Skills needed include carpentry and electrical services, as well as mining-specific roles, such as a Driller or Shotfirer. Many of the skills you learn in mining are transferable to other industries, and this opens the door for you in complementary fields, like earthworks and robotics.  

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Ability to work all over the world with high earning potential
  • Constant opportunity to upskill and transition into adjacent fields
  • Practical experience with the latest equipment and technology in your field

There are several pathways you can take to becoming skilled in this diverse sector. For example, Certificates in mining-specific skills, such as Drilling, can take one to two years to complete, alongside relevant on-the-job experience.

Mining Apprenticeships 

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