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Public Administration and Safety

Industry opportunities in Public Administration and Safety

The Public Administration and Safety Industry is expected to see employment growth between 2024 and 2030. Organisations such as the police force, fire and emergency services, border patrol, investigational, security, correctional and detention services fall into this field.

What to expect from a career in this industry

The Public Administration and Safety Industry offers you the opportunity to make a real impact on your community, state and country.

Not only do these areas offer excellent job security, training, support and career progression – they also give you the opportunity to help many people and contribute to a better society. 

Growth is particularly strong for Welfare Support Workers and Intelligence and Policy Analysts, with increases of over 22 percent and 15 percent respectively. Career outcomes in the Public Administration and Safety Industry can range from working in fire and emergency services as a Firefighter, a Correctional Officer in the Justice System, a Safety Inspector across various industries, a Social Worker, a Policy and Planning Manager and more. 

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Sense of fulfilment
  • Deep beneficial impact on the lives of others
  • Support and training to upskill and advance your career
  • Superannuation benefits (in government organisations)
  • Great long service leave and parental leave (in government organisations)

With all sorts of roles available, there are many pathways to become skilled in this industry. For example, you could get an Apprenticeship as a Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant or Clerical Worker.

If you are interested in looking after people, you could complete an Apprenticeship alongside a Certificate III or IV in Occupational Health and Safety. 

To work in public safety, you could complete on-the-job training with an Apprenticeship, in addition to completing a Certificate or Diploma.

Public Administration and Safety Apprenticeships

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