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Retail trade

Industry opportunities in retail trade

There is an exciting evolution and growth set for the retail trade in Australia. While it currently employs over 1.3 million people, that figure is set to grow annually until 2023.

What to expect from a career in retail trade

If you’re a creative people-person that’s quick to adopt new ways of working, this industry could be right for you. There will be strong demand for professionals who are able to embrace change. You can succeed in this industry if you have strong skills in customer service, organisation and time management.

Career outcomes in the retail trade industry range from becoming a retail business manager, retail business owner, buyer and seller, supermarket manager, pharmaceutical dispensary technician, visual merchandiser, gourmet food sales assistant, business manager, marketing officer, supply chain coordinator, and more.

Day to day tasks in a retail job include but are not limited to: interacting with customers, sales, stock management, merchandising of products and window displays, operating point of sale devices.

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • High employability 
  • Quick progression to management roles
  • Ever-changing with the opportunity to travel in some cases
  • Ability to start your own business with a few years of experience.

There are many pathways to becoming skilled in this industry. For example, you could complete an apprenticeship or traineeship as a visual merchandiser, sales representative or pharmacy assistant, alongside relevant vocational qualifications.

This could lead to further education opportunities to become a buyer for a retail business, by studying a Certificate IV in Business Sales. To secure senior roles such as Area Manager or Business Manager for a large retail group, you could study a Diploma of Retail Leadership. 

Apprenticeships and traineeships commencement and graduate employment rates are very high in this industry.

Retail trade industry apprenticeships and traineeships

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