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Building and Construction

Industry opportunities in Building and Construction

The Building and Construction Industry in Australia generates $116 billion in gross value per year and employs over one million people.

What to expect from a career in this industry

The Construction Industry has experienced steady growth since 2000 and is set to continue that growth to 2023

There are a wide variety of career pathways available in construction. Job seekers have the ability to choose from a wide array of trades and specialisations such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, bricklaying, earthworks, landscaping, metal works, boilermaker, demolition and more. Once skilled, the opportunity to progress into project management and oversee large scale delivery is available – as is the option to hone and refine your craft to a high level of expertise, making you a sought-after master of your trade. 

Starting your own business is also a path you might like to consider after gaining the qualifications and experience you need.

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Sought after and highly employable
  • Opportunity to work interstate and overseas
  • Transferable skills to work in adjacent industries such as mining
  • Potential to earn a high income
  • Ability to start your own business with a small initial investment
  • Qualifications and experience recognised as prior learning for relevant tertiary education

There are many Apprenticeships and certifications in this field. For example, Apprenticeships for Carpentry, Electrical or Plumbing are paid 3 to 4 year placements, undertaken alongside TAFE education. Students who are under 18 years can begin their Apprenticeships while they are still in high school, they just need permission from their parents or legal guardians and the school they attend.

Building and Construction Apprenticeships

Get practical experience and a nationally-recognised certification to launch your career in construction with Mas. Mas helps job seekers who are looking to reskill or upskill to find the jobs and careers they want.

Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, Mas provides guidance, support and transparency throughout the learning, job seeking and placement phases of your training.