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Industry opportunities in Tourism

Grossing $100 billion in revenue in the last financial year, Tourism is a high-growth sector that has annually increased its revenue by five percent over the past five years.

What to expect from a career in this industry

If you have a passion for travel and enjoy working with people, then the Tourism Industry could provide an exciting, experience-filled career that can take you all over Australia and the world. 

With this growth, there is a current skills shortage and high demand for skilled workers. 

Career outcomes in the Tourism Industry are varied and can range from working as a Travel Agent, Eco-tour Operator, City Guide, Hotel Manager, Chef, Event and Conference Organiser, to Food and Beverage Manager and more. 

Some of the benefits of being skilled in this industry include:

  • Opportunity to work anywhere in the world
  • Interaction with people and communities
  • High employability for skilled workers
  • Ability to move into different roles across the industry
  • Flexible lifestyle options to your preference e.g. 9-5 or shift work

There are many pathways to becoming skilled in this growing sector. To become a Travel Consultant you could undertake a Travel Sales Apprenticeship. This could be done alongside further studies, such as a Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management. 

Tourism Industry Apprenticeships

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